This is a must-have! I drink it on mornings when I know I will have a long day at work. Helps to keep me focused and the taste is not bad. Zero sugar too, so it’s healthier than red bull or coffee. Will recommend the orange flavour
Chloe S. Verified Buyer
Keeps me awake
Bought the peach tea flavour, not much of the tea taste but the white peach flavour is really strong. I usually take it after lunch, it really helps to prevent food coma. Will try the orange flavour next time
Ivan Y. Verified Buyer

Convenient Size
Bottle is really small, can even fit into make up pouch. Taste is quite good! Orange flavour tastes exactly like Redoxon. Good vitamin b energy drink on the go!
Melissa T. Verified Buyer
Bought the peach tea flavour once at 7-11 to try, really tastes like peach. It was quite effective in helping me stay awake, but a bit expensive. It’s cheaper online with member price so I recommend to sign up as a member before purchasing.
Amanda Verified Buyer